STAR - Method

STAR - Method 

Imagine you are looking for a job and seeing the perfect vacancy. You are the right person for the position, and immediately send your extensive resume to the company. Now it begins, the questions arise about how to prepare yourself. We have the answers to these question marks. The STAR Method.

What is STAR?

To prepare for a job interview, we recommend using the STAR method. You are probably asking yourself, "but what does STAR stand for?". STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. You look at the vacancy to see what skills are required for the position you are applying for and choose the three most important ones. In addition, you think about a situation in your recent work history in which you have used these skills. Based on your past behaviour, the company tries to predict how you will react to situations in the future and how you will act. Using this method to present your qualities to the employer with a reasonable justification without appearing arrogant is also helpful.

We have developed a sample STAR based on the position of financial controller. For the role of the financial controller, it is essential that you can set priorities. However, this skill is required in many jobs in any industry.


As financial controller, I had one more week to finish the year-end closing of the company, but in addition, I also had to prepare the monthly report for the past month for the meeting with the CFO.


My job was to ensure I had all the financial information from the right people to prepare the year-end and month-end reports and ensure they were ready in time for the meeting with the CFO.


I created a schedule to ensure I had all the information I needed for the reports on Monday. I used the other days to make calculations and write the report. I moved the meeting with the CFO the following week to the end of the day, so I had time that day to finalise the reports.


The result was that I finished both reports on time and could present them to the CFO.