Building your dream team together

What can we do for your organization?

In the 20-plus years we have been in business, we have built a track record to be proud of. Our success is based on several pillars;
  • Our Team
  • The tools we use
  • Our international network
  • The wide range of services
  • Transparent Process
  • Our track record

Our Team

Our consultants all have experience in the industry and fields in which we mediate. This makes us the perfect partner for both the candidate and the company. It allows us to zoom in much better on the match between the person and the company. Or instead make the match between the person and the culture.

The Tools

All the tools we use are there, to connect our consultants with as many suitable candidates as quickly as possible. This allows our consultants to focus on enticing the candidate and being the ambassador for the employers. Combining speed, quantity and quality.

The International Network

The Netherlands is the center of the European labor market. Many of our clients have International activities. Through our International Network,, with partners in 36 countries and four continents, we can bring International talent to the Netherlands and help companies find good, reliable, partners if they want to attract talent outside the Netherlands.

The wide range of services

Whether you are looking for a permanent new colleague or want to solve a temporary challenge, we have all the solutions. 

  • Recruitment & selection for permanent vacancies.
  • ZZP/Freelance for finding interim experts.
  • Temporary staffing for filling temporary vacancies.

Transparent Process

We continuously keep our clients informed of the progress of our search. As often as the client wishes, we can provide insight into the figures behind the vacancy. How many candidates have responded? How many candidates have been approached? How many candidates are we talking to? How many candidates did we present? What happened to the candidates who went through the process?

Our Track Record

Always an important question: Can you show that you can live up to these fine words? Certainly! It is no problem for us to provide references. Clients are happy to tell us where we have successfully recruited before. "the proof is in the pudding."

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