Working at Independent Recruiters Groep

Working at Independent Recruiters Groep

The profession we love:

For years, Independent Recruiters has been active in training recruiters. Talents without or with little experience as recruiters can flourish with us. The team of experienced recruiters and our award-winning recruitment process have proven to be an excellent breeding ground for recruitment talent. And by talent, we don't just mean people who have just graduated. People with experience in one of the fields we mediate and who would like to switch to our beautiful profession are also welcome.

The work of a recruiter is very versatile. You have contacts with companies and ensure you have insight into the type of talent they seek. On the other hand, you are conversing with candidates to see if and why they are interested in your client's vacancy. However, these clients and candidates do not come by themselves. You are constantly networking to get to know new people. You write compelling job postings, evaluate responses to these ads, and search databases for new candidates.

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